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custom made figurines

Children very often draw unique and wonderful creatures beyond the craziest dreams of most adults. Every parent has displayed their child's creations on the fridge, at the office or at work. How beautiful it would be to have something more to remind us of our children's most amazing creations.


Using a 3D printing technology we bring children's drawings to life, turning them into MAOUIs, custom made digital figurines. This wonderful souvenir is hand-painted and placed into a special box for protection, ready to be placed in any space you want.


Size of each 3D: 17x12x12cm (including figurine and plexiglass case) 


Time preparation: 15 working days


Five Simple steps

  • step 1.: Colours, paper and of course imagination. 

  • step 2.: The drawing is ready!

  • step 3.: Order your figurine, fill in your info and proceed with check out

  • step 4.:  When receiving the confirmation mail, reply and upload your drawing image. 

  • step 5.: Sit back, relax and prepare yourself to receive your MAOUI 3D custom made figurine! 

maoui-steps eng-01.png
maoui-steps eng-02.png
01 maoui-steps eng-03.png
01 maoui-steps eng-04.png
00 maoui-steps eng-05.png
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