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Our dribble proof lip balm tube is perfect for babies, young children, and any adventurous family. With a specially created formula, this lip balm is made in the UK for babies, toddlers, and anyone one else who dribbles or drools. Our dribble proof lip balm Tube is packed with natural moisture boosters to soothe your childrens sensitive smiles, avoid chapped lips and keep their skin happy. Fitted with our Toddle Toggle, you’ll be able to clip your dribble proof lip balm to your childs bag or buggy knowing it will be there when you need it most.


Dribble Proof – Prevents Chapped Lips Designed to make your little one smile, the Toddle dribble proof lip balm was made to help babies, young children, and anybody else who drools! The special dribble proof formula has been created to help protect and nourish your family’s skin and the unique dribble proof formula is gentle on skin and designed to soothe babies sensitive smiles.


Toddle Toggle. Say goodbye to spending your valuable time trying to find lip balm at the bottom of your bag in somewhere on the buggy! Our dribble proof lip balm comes with its very own Toddle Toggle. Use your Toddle Toggle to clip your lip balm to your child’s bag or buggy so you know where it is when your children need it most.


100% vegan. We don’t use any beeswax in the Toddle dribble proof lip balm formula. Our lip balm is 100% vegan! Our lip balm is PETA approved vegan and cruelty-free, so you know that you are looking after the planet as well as your children’s skin.


Natural and organic ingredients. We care about you and your family’s skin which why our dribble proof lip balm formula is packed with natural and organic ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and jojoba. These natural and organic ingredients are kind to skin and help protect your family’s smiles. So whatever adventures you find yourself on, our childrens lip balm is there to help.


Moisture boosters. As well as its natural and organic ingredients, the Toddle Dribble Proof Lip Balm is filled with natural moisture boosters to help soothe smiles. Packed with jojoba, olive oil, and shea butter, the Toddle Dribble Proof Lip Balm provides a skin-friendly, moisturising formula that prevents chapped lips is sure to make you and your little ones smile.


Sugarcane bioplastic tube. It’s not just our ingredients that are friendly for the environment, our dribble proof lip balm comes packaged in a sugarcane bioplastic tube which is fully recyclable.

Dribble proof Lip Balm Tube

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