Stylish kitchen that's perfect for the little chef or baker. The kitchen is white and grey and comes with lots of accessories such as clock, pots and pans, openable oven door, sink and ladles. 


Inspire tiny chefs to cook their favorite foods with the Kitchen in Natural/White, designed in Sweden by Kids Concept.


Rec. age months+36


  • ColorWhite/White
  • Length in cm 56.5
  • Width in cm 30
  • Height in cm 73

Other dimensions

  • Worktop height: 46 cm.


Number of parts (mounted)11

Net Weight (g)8572

Paint Type: Water based color



MDF/Poplar/Plywood/Stainless steel


Material Description

  • Sink, cabinet, shelfs, baking plate: MDF.
  • Wooden legs, salt and pepper: Poplar wood.
  • Handle, tap, clock, cutlery: Poplar plywood.
  • Oven window: Acrylic.
  • Sink: Stainless steel. Pot and pan: MDF, poplar wood.


Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with clean cloth. Check regularly that all screws are tight and that all parts are intact.

Kitchen Natural/White

SKU: KC1000161