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Nowadays, the use of plastic straws is no longer allowed. And of course this is also much better for the environment. Paper straws are not so nice, especially not for little ones who will suck and bite on them. That is why these silicone straws are a perfect solution.

The straws are convenient to take anywhere and use again and again. You can hygienically wash the straws in the dishwasher after use, it's that easy.


The straws are packed per 6 pieces in 6 different colors from the silicone theme. The straws fit perfectly in the silicone drinking cup.


Silicone items are trendy, practical and stylish. The products are all nice gifts to give and receive. The products are easy to use, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe and make it as easy as possible for parents to practice eating and sit at the table in style! The collection is available in various colours!


Size in high: 13 cm

Straws Silicone Multicolour (6 pack)

SKU: 709-007-00099
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