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This children’s tableware is the perfect gift for a new baby. Great to give, but also to receive. It’s almost a pity that mother’s milk or a bottle is all they need in the beginning! But when it’s time to wean your baby, this cheerful cup, bowl and plate will be waiting to greet you with a smile. At last!


Τableware is composed largely of bamboo and maize fibre, which means the products are sustainable. Our bamboo tableware can be used for hot and cold dishes and is dishwasher safe (up to 50 degrees celsius), but not suitable for use in the microwave or oven. You can cut things on them without causing damage.


Please note: our bamboo products are strong but not unbreakable.


Plate: 20 cm diameter
Bowl: 14 cm diameter
Cup: 8 cm diameter

Tableware Set Ice cream

SKU: 17.01
€23.00 Regular Price
€16.10Sale Price
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