Great for inspiring pretend play, this wooden tea set is the perfect accessory for any tea party at your place. Designed for small hands, the tea set is excellent for pretend play and learn to pour tea and milk and add some lemon. Choose between four different tea bags. The set comes with a teapot with a lid, four teacups with saucers, a milk jar, two lemon slices, four tea bags, a storage box, two spoons and a tray with room for everything you need. The box contains 21 parts.


Rec. age months+  36
Color: Blue/Blue
Length in cm 25
Width in cm 15
Height in cm 7
Number of parts (mounted)    21
Openable lid of tea pott.
Net Weight (g) 680
PaintType:  Water based color
Material:  Plywood/Schima/MDF/Beech/100% Cotton
Material Description
Plate: Plywood, MDF.
Tea pot, milk jar, cup and lemon: Schima.
Storage box, cup plate and spoon: Plywood.
Tea bag: 100% cotton, beech, schima.

Tea set Bistro

SKU: ΚC1000455