A heating and cooling Bunny that is going to become your favorite cuddle toy. The Thermo Bunny is a friend that your child has never seen and will love to meet.

Fun, cuddly and most importantly: coming to the aid of those in need! Made of ultra-soft Velvet, the Thermo Bunny is the true Lord of Hugs that inhabits a stylish box. Whenever your child is cold the Bunny is eager to help - just put the pink hot-pack into its tummy - it will make the toy the greatest, extra warm hotwater bottle (54 degrees C) that was created to aid:

- aches and all other tummy problems

- colic pains

- being cold, as it will gently warm your baby in cold weather and during long walks

The toy is delicate and soft, your baby's skin will appreciate the material.

The hot-pack is reusable and can be used whenever your baby is need of warmth. However, the Thermo Bunny has more tricks up his sleeve, as his second nature is cooling. When you insert the fantastic, sapphire-blue coloured cold-pack into its tummy, the Bunny will become the ultimate cooling buddy, ready to:

- cool any bruised, or hurt body parts

- lessens the symptoms of fever by cooling you baby down

- help your child forget any and all problems

- be used as a compress

- become your favorite ais, as it is much more comfortable than a wet towel

Whenever you are in need of warmth, or the soothing touch of cool remember that the proper pack must find its way into the tummy of the Bunny. Do NOT use the packs directly on the baby's skin