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The moon children's wall sticker with little stars is the perfect complement for the star wall stickers. It has a large moon and is accompanied by mix stars. If you need more stars, you can buy another pack of mix stars or mini stars, even in other colors to match!


They are specific adhesive vinyls for high quality interior decoration with a gloss finish with which you can decorate walls, the children's furniture, the headboard or the crib ... you can use a single color or mix several. The vinyls are extremely thin which makes it look like they are painted on the wall. You can stick them on any smooth surface, furniture, walls, mirrors. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, do not fade and last a long time. To remove the stars from the wall, simply peel off, they do not leave marks. They are removable vinyls.

Specific for interior decoration, duration more than 3 years.



19 x 28.5 cm


Net weight

200 grams



Each package includes an 18 x 28 cm moon and 24 mixed stars in sizes between 2 and 6 cm.



High-quality and extremely thin decorative indoor adhesive vinyl, it will blend perfectly into the wall, without reliefs or edges. They stick on any smooth surface, furniture, walls, mirrors ... They are removed without problem and do not leave a mark. They also do not give off odors or toxic substances.

Vinyl mini moon gold

SKU: vmi_luna_oro
€17.00 Regular Price
€10.20Sale Price


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