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You can now easily store your wipes and wipes in this handy silicone wipes box. The box is suitable for all sizes of buttocks and bum wipes and has a handy opening in the middle to remove the wipes 1 by 1 from the packaging. You can easily put the wipe back in the box through the opening to prevent the wipes from drying out. The silicone wipes box has a handy storage tray for diapers. This way you have everything at hand at once to make changing your little one as quick and easy as possible. Because we all know that once a baby starts rolling, changing changes can be quite a challenge!



Silicone items are trendy, practical and stylish. The products are all nice gifts to give and receive.

Wet Wipes Cover Silicone Ash Green

SKU: 711-001-00095
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