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Meet Christina and Demetra,

the MAOUI non-Imaginary Friends


Christina Michaelidou

Kouklitsa with a brain

Christina smiles a lot, loves design and, yes, she looks like a doll, or ‘kouklitsa’. However, her very smart decisions and her entrepreneurial mindset of learning and creating, along with her positive way of thinking, is her rocking contribution to the MAOUI philosophy.


Demetra Christodoulou

Manoula’s voice and heart

Demetra is the stylish one, the elegant MAOUI half with a huge passion for design. But as the mother of two amazing girls, Demetra also brings her valuable package of mum, or ‘manoula’, qualities to MAOUI, making us stronger, yet humble, patient and empathetic, always loving and very supportive.

The Story

Let there be … MAOUI!

At first, Christina and Demetra were close friends.
And as close friends do, they had their own special codes and words.
Well, MAOUI was their special word for ‘super cute’.
Then one day, a child gave them an amazing drawing.
That drawing, apart from its vivid colours, was filled with tremendous creativity and, of course, lots of love.

It was pure MAOUI.

That’s when MAOUI was born.

Christina and Demetra decided to bring to life all those wonderful children’s drawings by creating for each child their own imaginary and unique plushie based on their special artwork – to hold, hug and play with, their own special MAOUI to accompany them through all their childhood adventures.
But that was just the beginning…

Welcome to MAOUI Imaginary Friends

Soon, Christina’s and Demetra’s shared passion for design and ecology and their love of children led to MAOUI Imaginary Friends. A unique online shop from Cyprus, with a wide range of MAOUIs – super cute quality baby and children’s products from top European brands focussing on design, organic quality and friendliness to the environment.

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